10 Most Typical Vape Beginner Missteps

10 Most Typical Vape Beginner Missteps Vapeaholix Online Vape Shop UK

The First 10 Most Typical Vape Beginner Missteps

Starting a vaping can be both an exciting and significant move, especially if you are a smoker, and as a beginner, you will undoubtedly make vape beginners mistakes. But it would be helpful if you didn’t let that discourage you from getting started, so with that in thought, we determined to compile an article on the most basic vape beginner errors. Not only to help you avoid the most common vaping mistakes but also to give you a better chance of becoming a vaper and quitting smoking for good.

1. New vapers aren’t conducting research on vape facts, and pieces of information

The first vape beginner missteps make is failing to conduct adequate research. They begin purchasing vape on devices and juices at Vapeaholix Online Vape Shop UK without first learning the basics of vaping. Before delving into vaping, you must conduct independent research, just as you would with any other activity.

This will save you a lot of pain, time, and money in the long run. We are always available to answer our customers’ questions and respond as quickly as possible via email or chat. The Vapeholix team recommends that you first learn about the different types of vape devices and basic vaping rules. There are various types of vape devices available and information on choosing a nicotine level and keeping your vape in good operating order.

Beginners should understand these three things, but the more you study, the better. You’ll be better prepared to make your first vape purchase this way.

2. Choosing a low-quality devices rather than investing in a high-quality vape is one of typical vape beginner missteps

The second most common blunder made by new vapers is not investing enough money in their first vape. When you are at Vapeholix vape shop, the first thing on your mind should be to buy quality. We recommend getting a pod system or disposables vape devices because you’re most likely a newbie. The newest generation of vapes is the pod system and disposables devices, which is simple to use.

Depending on which under system you purchase, you may need to buy prefilled pods or cartridges, or you may acquire an open under system that allows you to fill it with vape juice. Again, doing your homework is critical since you want a subsystem that you can maintain. Disposables vape devices are even easier to use, and we advise you to read our article about them.

We should also mention that you should not acquire a mech mod on your first try because these devices necessitate knowledge of battery safety, Ohm’s law, and coil construction. These vapes should only be handled by experienced vapers. 

3. The vape beginners don’t select the appropriate nicotine level 

Finding the proper nicotine strength is crucial if you want to quit smoking and you are a vape beginner. Although both cigarettes and vaping include nicotine, the experience of tobacco differs due to the thousands of additional compounds found in cigarettes. What vaping can deliver is Nicotine without all of the extraneous ingredients. Nicotine is the primary reason why smokers crave a cigarette when they wake up in the morning.

This emphasizes the necessity of selecting the appropriate nicotine dose if you wish to successfully quit smoking. When buying a vape juice, most novices make the error of not choosing the proper nicotine dosage or not considering it a concern. Your experience will be determined by the Nicotine you choose. As a result, you must select the appropriate level. Nicotine overdose can make you sick, give you a headache, and make you nauseated.

Too little Nicotine may not be enough to satisfy your nicotine cravings, leading you to revert to smoking or using cigarettes in conjunction with your vape, which is not a good idea. To avoid this, we recommend using the succeeding estimations to convert the number of cigarettes you used to fume to the nicotine level you should acquire.

For instance, the Vapeholix team nicotine dosage advice – to avoid vape beginner missteps:

  1. 0mg Nicotine: Equivalent to a couple of cigarettes per day
  2. 3mg of Nicotine: equals around 5-10 cigarettes per day 
  3. 6mg of Nicotine: equals about half a pack per day 
  4. 12mg of Nicotine: equals about a pack per day 
  5. 18mg+ of Nicotine: equals about a pack per day and more 

However, keep in mind that these are only estimations, and the nicotine dose that works best for you may range significantly from those listed here. You should also keep in mind that there are two types of Nicotine: nicotine salts and regular Nicotine, which is found in most vape juices. Nicotine salts have higher nicotine levels (up to 50mg). This is because they are not the same as standard vape juices. So, while purchasing e-liquid, make sure to ask whether you’re getting nicotine salts or ordinary vape juice.

4. Choosing the incorrect VG/PG ratio 

Another significant factor to consider when selecting your vape juice is the proportion of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol. Although most vape juices have 70VG/30PG by default, it is critical to understand how each of these chemicals affects your vaping experience.

Vegetable glycerin, for example, generates thicker clouds and a smoother throat hit, whereas propylene glycol carries the flavour better but creates a stronger throat hit. For those attempting to chase, a more excellent PG ratio is preferable to a high VG level. 

5. Picking an unpleasant vape e-liquid flavour

This, believe it or not, can happen more frequently than you would like. Many novices experiment with new flavours that they believe they would enjoy but end up loathing. We recommend that you test out the taste first, if feasible, in the vape store or get assistance from our specialists during the chat. Taste is crucial, and we may readily relate e-liquid to fine wine. The subtleties in the flavours, as well as the advice of our vape experts, are essential. 

6. Not experimenting with different vape juices

Although this may appear contradictory advice, half the enjoyment of vaping is discovering new flavours you never thought you would want. For example, some vape juice may appear to be a horrible idea, but don’t dismiss it until you’ve tried it. You never know. It might end up being your all-day vape. Do this, of course, when you’ve grown more acquainted with and knowledgeable about the vaping world, and you’re bound to become a fan of tastes you never imagined you’d appreciate. 

7. The beginners are not priming vaping devices.

If your vape device has replacement coil heads, you must always prime the coil to burn and waste before utilizing it. Fortunately, priming is simple. Before you start vaping, all you have to do is drip a few drops of your vape juice on the cotton within the coil and wait ten minutes or longer (tops 15 minutes). This ensures that your coil is saturated before taking your first hit.

8. Failure to perform proper maintenance

The way you care for your vape equipment affects your device’s lifespan and the flavour you obtain. That is why it is important to carefully clean it, especially if you intend to load it with new vape juice. You probably won’t have to bother about this if you have a pod system.

If you purchased a box mod, remember to clean the tank and any other pieces that can be disassembled by soaking them in a dish of soapy water. And then using q-tips to remove the crud and debris that accumulates in the parts that move up the tank and the drip tip.

9. Vaping in the same way that you used to smoke cigarettes

This is a minor modification, but it has the potential to improve your vaping experience. You’ll be able to taste your vape juice and its flavour more appropriately if you learn to take longer and softer inhales rather than quick and forceful draws like you’re used to smoking cigarettes. You’ll also learn to appreciate and blow vast plumes of vapour this way. 

10. Not Adhering to Vape Etiquette

Getting a vape allows you to indulge in your nicotine habit without having to worry about leaving a stench, ashing on floors, or smoking inside. While this is all true, it is essential to remember vape etiquette. Don’t blast vapour in people’s faces, don’t vape at work (unless permitted), and always seek permission before vaping indoors. Vaping has many benefits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be courteous of others. 

Trial and error is the best method to learn, so even if you make some of the mistakes listed above, remember to get back up and keep trying. You will eventually, and with time, become a vaping specialist.
Our article is meant for beginners, and our advice is to use chat and contact with our professional team before purchasing.

Good luck and happy vaping y’all!

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