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So what’s an all-day vape anyway?

Well if you have found one you’ll know. It’s that juice that you keep going back to, no matter what else you put in your tank. Hence, all-day vape. And if you’ve lost one, then you know the pain of not being able to get that e-liquid anymore and the way everything else tastes second best. An all-day vape is the ultimate fix for your cravings and one of the most satisfying and pleasurable things you can experience. Aaaah…pleasure, satisfaction! And now that I have your attention, let’s explore what actually makes a great all-day vape, what yours might look like, and where to get your hands on it.

What makes a great and pleasurable All-Day Vape experience?

Okay, so most us already know that vape is flavour driven. Your e-liquid has got to make you want to keep vaping it or you’re not gonna do it. No vape, no nicotine, and back to smoking you go! Getting it right is often the difference between a person breaking the smoking habit or not. Later, once you have gotten over the hump, it becomes more about the pleasure of the vaping experience. Here are some of the factors that make up that experience:


Okay, so there’s two sides to this. Firstly, how good is the actual flavour? Has the manufacturer done a good job of creating the profile? Is it done well? I could write 10 blog posts on that subject alone, but a good rule of thumb is that established brands are established for a reason and extremely cheap juice is cheap for a reason. Brand trust is important. That’s not to say you should avoid trying new brands. There’s some awesome new guys out there (Breakfast Club, Fresh Vape, Frukt). Just try to avoid very cheap e-liquid. Surprise, surprise…it’s cheap e-liquid!

Secondly, there’s your personal taste. An all-day vape is very subjective and what you love, I might hate. People often find that what they like to eat, they don’t like to vape and vice versa. So jumping in because you adore blueberry muffins without vaping it first might not work out for you or your pocket! E-liquids have a few general categories that flavour profiles fall into. They are; Fruits, Desserts, Candies, Drinks, Tobaccos, Ices. There are many others, but these are the basics. Try them out. Vape some testers in stores. Buy small 10ml bottles. Vape your friends juices too! You’ll find a category of flavour that you get on with and discover some e-liquids within it that category you like soon enough.


This is one is pretty straight forward. here’s a question; What’s the point of buying an all-day vape e-liquid that tastes great and then putting 10mls of some grimy, peppery, low quality nicotine in it? Answer: Absolutely none! Not unless you enjoy saving a few pennies on the nic shot in order to ruin the good money you just paid for a decent e-liquid? Here’s some vaping advice from painful experience…DON’T SKIMP ON THE NICOTINE SHOT! You will regret it. There are a few types of nicotine available with various pros and cons. Let’s take a look.

Freebase Nicotine – The original. Hits pretty hard in the throat and good for deeper, richer flavours like Tobacco and coffee, etc. The cons are it can taste peppery and if you do too much then you’re gonna feel really nauseous. Nickin’ out on freebase isn’t much fun, believe me!

Nicotine Salts – My personal fave. Much smoother than freebase and doesn’t interfere with the flavour much. Much higher strength concentrations can be achieved with nic salts, because it’s not harsh on the throat. Also, Nickin’ out just feels like you had one too many Red Bulls 🙂 The cons? Not so many. Some say salts can lack throat hit on deeper flavours.

Hybrids – As above, but supposedly the best of both worlds. I’ve tried a few…still salts for me!

TFN – Brand new is TFN (tobacco free nicotine). Not widely available yet, but claiming to be 100% taste free. Sounds like a good thing. Also, because it’s synthesised in a laboratory, nobody is putting any money in Big Tobacco’s pocket. Sign me up right now!

Vape Coils and Hardware

The device and/or atomiser you are using is going to dictate the range and types of coils available for you to use. However, there are some basic guidelines you can use when choosing your device and coil to help ensure you get the flavour and effect you are looking for. Rule number one: Old coils don’t taste good! Remember that one. Change coils once the flavour isn’t there anymore. You may think you are saving a few pennies, but in fact it’s just a waste of good juice (and money). The same goes the other way around. Putting bad e-liquid on good coils is just a waste of your coil. As the saying goes “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap”. I totally get that! Let’s take a quick look at some coil choices and desired effects:

Big Clouds – Direct lung vaping or DL/Sub-Ohm vaping is the order of the day here. Lots of flavour and lots of texture and density. Box Mods and powerful pod systems like the Aegis Legend or Drag X are what you should be looking at. The lower the ohms of the coil, the more cloud you’re going to get and more quickly. Be warned though, it’s gonna use batteries and e-liquid much quicker too!

Small Clouds – If you want a vape coil and device to simulate smoking closely, then high ohms and small pod, stick and pen like devices are what you need. Check out the Uwell Caliburn or Innokin T20s. Of course you can spend hundreds on high end MTL set ups, but there’s no need for that right away. Many MTL and RDL devices taste great, are small and stylish for the office, and inexpensive to buy and maintain.

Steep Time and Sugar Content

I’m going to be firm but fair here. Some e-liquids are just sweet because they taste better that way and are meant to be so. Let’s not just tar all sweet liquids with the same brush. However, what happens very often is that a juice with a weak flavour profile or that has been rushed without sufficient steeping time, just has a load of sugar added to make it taste better. The usual result being it tastes good for a day or so, then becomes overly sweet and sickly. You can’t taste the strawberry cream doughnut you were meant to get and can only taste the sugar. It goes in the drawer, never to be vaped again. Money wasted! Plus you’ve now gunked up your coil and need a new one. More money down the drain! Some e-liquids are meant to be sweet. Others are just using sugar to cover up poor quality. At the bottom of this post I will mention some proven all -day vape e-liquids that are tried and tested winners to help guide you through your all-day vape juice selection.

Hygiene Standards

Nobody wants to give up smoking, only to inhale a load of contaminants in their e-liquid right? Fortunately for us UK E-liquid regulation and standards are high. My advice is simple. Buy from reputable vendors like Vapeaholix and other established stores. I mean dedicated vape retailers. They don’t sell mobile phones, bongs or digital alarm clocks. They do one thing…vaping! The local hardware store isn’t going to care how clean and safe your e-liquid is, or even if it’s authentic sometimes.

Find Your All-Day Vape

So there you have it. A crash course in how to get a really solid all-day vape experience and begin tracking down your all-day vape without wasting lots of time, money and your chance to quit for good. Below there are some links and suggestions for some really great vape kit and amazing e-liquids. Take a look around the store. Vapeaholix pride ourselves on only selling great products. If you liked this post and found it helpful, then please visit www.vapeaholix.co.uk and subscribe for more blog posts, special offers and discount codes. Plus you’ll receive 10% off your first order for signing up. Couldn’t be simpler 🙂

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