Frequently Asked Vaping Questions

The Vape FAQs will answer some of the most commonly asked questions by people currently considering or actively vaping.

Is vaping safe?

This is a perfectly normal question to ask. If you are looking to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, then, of course, you are doing that primarily to improve your health. Fortunately, the UK has been one of the world’s leaders to research vaping over the last ten years. In 2015 the UK government launched the “Tobacco Control Plan for England” with the tagline “Smoke-Free Generation”.

This plan was to collect evidence and to update that evidence every year until 2022. After six years of the plan’s implementation, the evidence is clear. E-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than tobacco, estimates the UK governments landmark review. This data has been confirmed by a wide range of independent bodies, including GM JournalThe GuardianGlobe Newswire, and ATHRA. An un-surprising realisation was that “False fears are preventing smokers from using e-cigarettes to quit.”

Does Vaping Work?

The short answer…YES! Vaping is the most successful smoking cessation method in the world today and has been for some time. Here are some useful statistics from the Vaping in England: 2020 evidence update summary“Using a vaping product is the most popular aid used by people trying to quit smoking. In 2020, 27.2% of people used a vaping product in a quit attempt in the previous 12 months. This compares with 15.5% who used NRT over the counter or on prescription (2.7%), and 4.4% who used varenicline.””Vaping is positively associated with quitting smoking successfully. In 2017, over 50,000 smokers stopped smoking with a vaping product who would otherwise have carried on smoking.””Quit rates were increased for people using a vaping product as opposed to licensed medication at around (60.0%)”

What’s the Right Vape for Me?

If you want to start vaping or switch to a new device, make sure you pick one that meets your needs and tastes. It’s shocking how often it is to have a negative experience because you didn’t have the right equipment, yet it’s simply avoidable. Vaping has been around for a long time, which means you have access to thousands of different gadgets. Variety comes with a choice, and type can be perplexing. The various vaping words can be intimidating when looking for your ideal vape, but they don’t have to be. This short guide in our VAPE FAQs was created to identify common points of view and motivations for vaping and the perfect type of kit for each of them. 

Since its introduction, disposable e-cigarettes have become the preferred option for an increasing number of people, especially vape newcomers. They don’t even need to be charged, so they’re ready to use right away. When the device has run out of e-liquid, it can be easily discarded. Compared to a pack of cigarettes, many disposables have a high puff count and are often less expensive. In addition, disposables come in a variety of styles and e-liquids tastes.

Pod mods are small, portable kits that are as convenient as they come. You don’t need to refill your e-liquid; simply swap out your pre-filled pod, and you’re ready to vape again. Every refill pod includes a pre-installed coil and liquid that is matched to the power output, eliminating the need for guesswork. Pod mods are an excellent transitional vape between cigarette-style kits and vape pens, and they are also ideal for first-time vapers.

Because of the sheer variety of kits available, vape pens are one of the most popular types of electronic cigarettes. Some are slim, lightweight, and quick to charge, while others are heavy and sturdy, with a powerful output. Every conceivable e-liquid has a vape pen that would be ideal for it. Temperature control options are available in some kits, and others have a simple one-button design.

A box mods are a more powerful battery-based powerful device. This means that the kit has a stronger power output, which enables it to spray thicker liquids and produce more solid vapour clouds. Box mods are also the most customized kits available – batteries, batteries and tanks can often be replaced, which means that many opt to mix and fit their optimal device. The vaping devices are something more dazzling for beginners.

What exactly am I inhaling?

The e-liquid vapour is formed from propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings, and (if applicable, by customer choice) nicotine that has been evaporated. It’s primarily made up of water, with a percentage of 66%. The nicotine percentage in the e-liquid is variable and depends on the buyer’s choice. Nicotine is measured as a percentage of the total volume of the e-liquid. Vapeaholix online vape store offers so many e-liquids that you might want to try and we are offering the best, or you can ask for tips while chatting with our experts.

Is vaping the same as smoking tobacco in terms of flavour?

Like we said before there are an infinite number of flavours to choose from, so you can replicate a tobacco flavour if desired. Quality vape gear can easily mimic smoking in terms of throat hit, flavour, and nicotine head rush. If your device does not do this, you may have the wrong nicotine strength, the device is defective, or the liquid is of bad quality.

How frequently can I vape?

As a rule, you can vape as much as you like. Your body will usually tell you when it has enough nicotine to stop vaping it. Some people have a few short-term vapour side effects, and they are generally quite small and rare.

Conclusion of Vapeholix VAPE FAQs: Vaping vs. Smoking

Smoking is harmful to your health. It’s terrible. It causes lung, heart, and circulatory illness, and your chances of dying are big. It also costs a considerable fortune, stinks up your clothes and hair, yellows your teeth, and ages your skin quickly.  Vaping is more than a trend! In 2015, the United Kingdom’s governing body, Phe (Public Health England), issued a report claiming that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.