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Disposable Vape UK Pens

Disposable vape UK pens and vaporizers are becoming more popular every day. That’s because they are so much safer, healthier and easier to use than traditional cigarettes. Although there are many different types of vape devices and e-liquids available today, the disposable vape pod option and market has been growing rapidly and is one of the most popular choices for vapers right now.
Disposable vape UK pens are super-convenient and pocket friendly. They are incredibly easy to use, with the most simplistic of systems. Basically you just vape and go. No batteries, no recharging, no refilling. Just tear off the seal, vape it and when you’re finished dispose of it it in a responsible way. There is an extensive range of flavours available for you to choose from, including fruits, sodas, candies, desserts, ices, smoothies and many more including great tobacco flavours.
Traditional cigarettes are extremely unhealthy, causing cancer and many other life-threatening diseases.  Add to that the fact that the smell from smoking cigarettes is very unpalatable, destroying your living environment, your clothing, your skin, and invading other’s personal space. Whereas vaping smells great, tastes great, and literally does you no harm. Check out our FAQ’s page to find out more more about the research into vaping and your health. Vaping is also much more affordable than traditional smoking.
So why not make a safe and healthy choice for yourself today and switch from smoking to vaping? With disposable vape UK pens it couldn’t be simpler!


Disposable vape UK pens are extremely convenient and pocket friendly. They need no recharging and no refilling. You just remove the seal and vape. They are small and compact enough to go almost unnoticed in public.


Disposable vape UK pens usually come with a 2% nicotine salt concentration. That’s 20mg of pure nicotine salt. More than enough to satisfy the cravings of anyone looking to switch out from smoking or to maintain abstinence from cigarettes.


The average pack of cigarettes in today’s stores is approximately £12 and would last most smokers just one day. The average cost of a high strength, disposable vape UK pen, such as the Elf Bar or Geek Bar is between £5 and £6 and would last you 1-2 days.


Smoking is proven to contain hundreds of dangerous chemicals that you should not ever be consuming. Whereas Vaping contains primarily vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) as it’s base components. This combined with high quality flavour concentrates and laboratory refined, rehydrated nicotine make e-liquid clean and safe. The UK government carried out independent studies in 2015 and will continue to perform annual studies until the end of 2023. These studies are freely available on the government website and have conclusively proven Vaping approximately 95% safer than smoking.


Smoking is notorious for being unhygienic. Of course there is the terrible smell and the staining your fingers, household environment, and of your clothes. Not to mention dental health, gingivitis, halitosis and the damage it’s doing through tar production to your lungs. As you are probably well aware, the aroma produced by Vaping is generally very pleasant and not offensive to be around in any way. There is no staining created by vapour clouds or the use of vape e-liquids. Added to that is the convenient fact that all vape e-liquids are dissolvable with water and your clothes can be washed simply. Even if you spill some directly on them.

Plenty of good reasons to join the country in switching from smoking to vaping. Take a look around the Vapeaholix store to get your hands on some great Disposable Vape UK Pens at great prices and with bulk discounts too!
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