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Vapeaholix Online Vape Shop UK was set up because we could see that the market was populated by either vape shops selling super cheap (but not good) e-liquids or premium (but too expensive) products. We have been vaping a looooong time and thought…what would we want? And what we want is simply great tasting, clean, high quality e-liquids and hardware at reasonable prices. So that’s what we created. Vapeaholix Online Vape Shop UK provides everybody with exactly that!

Vaping Culture In the UK

Vaping culture has been growing around the world for years now and there’s a huge element of fun to it all. Many sub-cultures exist within vape; such as Graffiti, Tattoo, Rap, Rock, Skate, Piercing, Fat Biking and even Drifting. There are many more. We have Coil Builders, Trickers, Cloud Chasers, Flavour Chasers, Mixers and lots of Competitors. We have crews and models and so much more to get involved in. Our scene is an awesome scene and great fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, a mechanic, a barber or a super model. We have all sorts and everyone is equal. So why not get involved and join us? There’s loads to see on You Tube and other social media channels.

Our Vaping Mission

At Vapeholix  we are focused on the things that matter…Stopping smoking and staying stopped by vaping great tasting, safe products that perform well every time. Add to that a huge dose of fun and a focus on wellbeing, and you have an awesome recipe that tastes great!

Take a look around the store and get your hands on something that will blow your taste buds and your mind!

Feel free to ask questions using the live chat bubble at the bottom left of the screen. We usually answer within a minute and are always happy to help.

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